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Microsoft Exam 70-680 - Windows 7, Configuring

Our training MCTS 70-680 TS: Windows 7, setting teaches students the knowledge and skills to configure and manage Windows 7 as a standalone installation or in a corporate environment in the domain, Windows Active Directory. Students have the opportunity to create and deploy images, configure hardware and software, networking and backup and restore system information.

When you pass Exam 70-680: TS: Windows 7, Configuring, you complete the requirements for the following certification(s): * MCTS: Windows 7, Configuration

Learning247 offers you the most effective way to earn your Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS). Professionals holding the Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist: Windows 7, Configuring certification have demonstrated the knowledge and skills necessary to:

* Describe and choose various versions of Windows 7 * Perform a clean install of Windows 7 * Create an image for deployment * Configure hardware devices * Configure software for compatibility * Configure networking including sharing resources * Configure DirectAccess for the network * Monitor and configure system performance * Perform backups and configure system restore

As a Microsoft Certified Partner, we follow the approved Microsoft course curriculum, ensuring you receive the training and knowledge needed to succeed.

Maintain complete control over your studies with our convenient instructor-led multimedia training courses. Only the very best trainers in the industry have been chosen to prepare and develop this superb certification training program, covering every aspect required to be completely prepared and ready for those all-important exams.


This course is equivalent to a 5 Day Classroom Course but you can study at your own pace - go as fast or as slow as you like, you get 12 months online access to the complete course which includes: * Multimedia Video Tutorials Featuring instructor-led classroom sessions with full audio, video and demonstration components * Demos and Lab Learning * Printable Courseware and Student Workbooks * Practice Exams & Test Simulator * Online & Telephone Tutor Support * Certificate of Completion

Distance-learning multimedia courses consistently offer the most direct path to success. No matter what your reasoning, whether it’s improving your job or career prospects, or simply expanding your personal knowledge, utilising our distance-learning courses offers the most flexible and convenient route.


Instructor Introduction Exam Overview

Module 1: Installing, Upgrading and Migrating to Windows 7 Module Overview Lesson 1: Perform a Clean Installation Key Features, Editions and Hardware Requirements Installation Methods Lesson 2: Upgrading Windows from Previous Windows Lesson 3: Migrating User Profiles Module Review

Module 2: Deploying Windows 7 Module Overview Lesson 1: Capturing a System Image Lesson 2: Preparing a System Image for Deployment Lesson 3: Deploying a System Image Lesson 4: Configuring a Virtual Hard Disk Module Review

Module 3: Configuring Hardware and Applications Module Overview Lesson 1: Configuring Devices Lesson 2: Configuring Application Compatibility Lesson 3: Configuring Application Restrictions Lesson 4: Configuring Internet Explorer Module Review

Module 4:
Configuring Network Connectivity Module Overview Lesson 1: Configuring IPv4 Network Settings Overview Setting Up a Connection for a Network Automatic IPv4 Address Configuration APIPA Configuring Name resolution Connecting To a Network and Network Locations Resolving Connectivity Issues Lesson 1: Review Lesson 2: Configuring IPv6 Network Settings Lesson 3: Configuring Network Settings Connecting To a Wireless Network Lesson 4: Configuring Windows Firewall Configuring Basic Firewall Settings Configuring Advanced Security Settings Well Known Ports and Configuring Certificates for Secure Websites Lesson 4: Review Lesson 5: Configuring Remote Management Remote Management Methods Configuring Remote Management Tools Executing PowerShell Commands Lesson 5: Review Module Review

Module 5:
Configuring Access to Resources Module Overview Lesson 1: Configuring File and Folder Access Encrypting Files and Folders by using EFS Configuring NTFS Permissions and Resolving Effective Permissions Issues Copying vs. Moving Files Lesson 1: Review Lesson 2: Configuring Shared Resources Folder Virtualization and Shared Folder Permissions Printers, Queues and Configuring HomeGroup Settings Lesson 2: Review Lesson 3: Configuring User Account Control Configuring Local Security Policy Configuring Admin vs. Standard UAC Prompt Behaviors and Configuring a Desktop Lesson 3: Review Lesson 4: Configuring Authentication and Authorization Overview Resolving Authentication Issues Configuring Rights Managing Credentials Managing Certificates Smart Cards with PIV Elevating User Privileges and Multifactor Authentication Lesson 4: Review Lesson 5: Configuring BranchCache Module Review

Module 6
: Configuring Mobile Computing Module Overview Lesson 1: Configuring Bit Locker and BitLocker To Go Lesson 2: Configuring Direct Access Lesson 3: Configuring Mobile Computing resources for mobile computer configuration and network device configuration settings file schema political transparent caching, power management and power saving options Lesson 3: Review Lesson 4: Configuring remote Connections Lesson 1: advanced security Audit NAP quarantine remote access to the network Setting up a remote desktop and published applications Lesson 4: Revision of the module

Module 7: Monitoring and Maintaining Windows 7 Module Overview Lesson 1: Configuring Windows 7 upgrade Lesson 2: Overview of Disk Management disk partition management disk volumes, file system fragmentation set quotas RAID disk removable devices politician Lesson 2 Lesson 3: The system event monitoring registry settings Windows 7 Resource performance Monitor tool and monitor reliability performance Keep your memory with the help of diagnostic tools diagnostic reliability of Ethernet and Action Center operating system tools and Recovery Tools Lesson 3: Lesson 4: Setting the overall performance of paging files and disk cache update drivers and network plans and performance of the network resources Configuring CPU Customize Desktop Software and mobile computing Questions Lesson 3: Overview module 7: Review

Module 8: Module Overview Lesson 1: Configuring Backup and Restore Lesson 2: Configuring System Recovery Options Lesson 3: Configuring File Recovery Options Module Review Program Review
If you want to find out more about Microsoft Exam 70-680 - Windows 7, Configuring, you can make an information request below and the school will contact you with further information.

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