Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Microsoft opens up About More Windows 10 Preview eatures in the Works

Windows 8 and want Windows 7 back, I have good news and bad news.There is a new Windows 10 coming and at first glance it has all the right stuff to please many; but it won’t be here until next summer. This means we are stuck with Microsoft’s Windows 8.1, a feeble attempt to combine traditional desktop and laptop computing with the popular touch tablet.After having spent a few weeks on the first public version of Windows 10 Technical Preview, I am impressed with the handful of improvements. They should have been in the original Windows 8, which was launched two years ago. This time Microsoft is listening.

What’s new?

  • The start screen is back, much like the old start screen that is missed by Windows 7 fans. It’s even better with a mix of large enhanced icons and access to all of your apps.
  • The old desktop is back when you start your PC, but with more features. The Windows 8 enhanced view of mixed touchable icons is gone. You can also still search for computer content in the charm bar.
  • You can open, size and move around a mix of the simpler-looking enhanced programs and desktop programs, instead of the current awkward way of accessing those programs in Windows 8.1.
  • Too many apps open on your PC screen? No problem. The virtual desktop feature lets you easily create multiple desktops, each with its own open applications. Simply choose which desktop you want to show on your screen. This is akin to a poor man’s multiple screen set up!
  • Even though the desktop is front and centre, the screen touch fingers – up to 10 fingers at the same time – trump mouse and keyboard only PCs.

Microsoft missed the rumored Windows 9 and Windows jumped 10 instead, citing a major update which central bank (such as DNA) is common for Windows phones, laptops, desktop computers, hybrid and even Xbox. This means that an application can run on all devices, but the smaller the simplest device that runs as a single touch functionality on smart phones.

View Utopia Microsoft all devices running the same operating system contrasts with Apple's commitment to keep its popular iPhones and iPads in a simple, easy to use iOS, MacBooks and Mac more productive and environmental seal and timely control of OS X. Apple User allows each device to know what the other is doing. You can even complete the unfinished tasks between devices. The new Mac OS X also allows people to text phones, including Android, Blackberry and Windows.

Windows 10 is on the right track, but time is your worst enemy in the consideration of a task so great.

The saving grace of Microsoft is its large installed base and the flood of laptops Windows 8.1 innovative and well-priced are dozens of computer and tablet manufacturers associated.

Should consumers buy Windows 8 computers now, or wait for Windows 10 next summer? Microsoft has not commented on whether Windows 10 will be a free upgrade for current owners of Windows 8. Think. If your Windows 7 PC or laptop is less than 30 months old, I hope. Hardware will be better and cheaper way.

Inevitably, the question of Mac or Windows appears. Here is my executive summary of Apple versus making computer and Microsoft sales philosophy:

Apple makes a lot less choice models with better components and more expensive. Laptops from $ 999 for the MacBook Air and go as high at $ 3.900 for a load of 15 "MacBook Pro.

Microsoft and its partners make a much wider selection of models and price range, the more expensive it is as good as the best of Apple. But buyer’s budget conscious Windows PC can end up with "good enough" PCs that are less stuck with, unless you do your homework.

Here are some examples of smart Windows laptop choices:
  • MacBook killer Dell 15.5” XPS 15 ($1,599 – $2,399)
  • Microsoft’s own 12” Surface Pro 3 with stylus ($849 – $1,999)
  • Acer 10” Switch 10($449)
  • Dell’s pocket-sized 8” Venue 8 Pro (starting at $299)
Microsoft’s goal to get its dissatisfied user base on board with Windows 10 is apparent.

“We want to make Windows 7 users feel as though they are upgrading from a Prius to a Tesla with Windows 10 without having to relearn how to drive,” said Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore who leads the company’s operating system experience team.

If you want to take the Windows 10 Technical Preview for a spin, a word of warning: You need a spare PC, preferably a desktop, not your regular working PC and do-it-yourself troubleshooting experience.

I am using a small, minimally powered 11” Acer V 11 Touch and it did take some fiddling to get things running right. But it runs all the new Windows 10 features well.

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