Monday, June 6, 2016

Microsoft engages in more firefighting over Windows 10 upgrade anger

As you have seen, Microsoft has a good song to force through the claims pop-up alerts and updates to Windows 10 when the last check for updates, rather than close the assertion dialog box is closed (by clicking the "X" in the upper right) - but Microsoft this is clearly speaking the exact nature of this case.

The whole story, as appeared, to the ZDNet has started, if you click to close post some changes to the initial report on the problem dialog box served as the acceptance of Windows 10 updates for Windows 7 / 8.1 Users - for obvious problems is very concerned state.

However, after talking with his contacts in Redmond, Mary Jo Foley's picture ZDNet actually appearing in question was discovered that appears after a user has already been granted approval Updates Windows 10 and agree to the terms.

(He, for example, if you change your mind about updating) So basically, it is still looking for those who want to, despite the lack of options and upgrades that can be offset by some problems.

But to be fair to the Member States, certainly was not the original image drawn by the first report on the subject published in the registry.

Redmond later issued a statement saying: "Properties window 10 report is updated incorrectly options - designed to help people more secure, efficient use of people receiving multiple notifications window to adapt to modernization and have some ... If you want to change or cancel the update."

Controversy aplenty 

 All Redmond is simply because there can be significant given will convince people to upgrade reliable (including self-why, when Nonetheless, the tactics Microsoft's doubt was Windows 10 for the first time all quick to anger appeared, which was exactly how controversial push to install ignition) recommended updates specific options for upgrading to Windows update users.

Of course, it should always be a way to cancel the upgrade even if you have to ask for your consent before automatic updates for, as well as Windows 10 was the plan.

In addition, the nagging pop-up (or GWX "Importing Windows 10"), as well as the option to decline the upgrade, if you are sure you are not trying to update it, you need to add to desist from further notified.

However, Microsoft is afraid of losing a potential window (10) through a recent immigrant movement, but unfortunately it's putting something else - it means that the loss of goodwill Windows user, or at least a fair chunk.

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