Sunday, July 2, 2017

Microsoft 70-680 Question Answer

You haie a portable computer named Computer1 that runs Windows 7.
You haie a ile serier named Serier1 that runs Windows Serier 2008. Serier1 contains a shared folder named Share1.
You need to coniiure Computer1 to meet the followini requirementsn
• Ensure that cached iles from Share1 are encrypted.
• Ensure that iles located in Share1 are aiailable when Serier1 is disconnected from the network. What should you do?

A. On Serier1, encrypt the iles in Share1. On Computer1, make Share1 aiailable ofine.
B. On Serier1, coniiure BitLocker Driie Encrypton. On Computer1, make Share1 aiailable ofine.
C. On Computer1, make Share1 aiailable ofine and enable encrypton of ofine iles.
D. On Computer1, copy the iles from Share1 to the Documents library and coniiure BitLocker Driie

Answer: C

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