Tuesday, January 14, 2014

With Windows 8 ‘tanking hard,’Microsoft preps Windows 9 for 2015

Anyone Microsoft appoints as its new CEO, it seems that will have to start working immediately cleans up the mess left by Windows 8. Writes that Microsoft is hard at work preparing a major new version of Windows for April 2015, and ' now code-named "Threshold." There is a great sense of urgency surrounding the new version because " Windows 8 is going down harder than Microsoft is comfortable speaking in public, and the latest version , Windows 8.1 , which is a substantial improvement and major improvements over the free the original version is in use at least 25 million PC at this time."

What can we expect from That will be the attempt by Microsoft for Windows 8 airbrush basically sold out the public's memory , so probably the brand as Microsoft Windows 9 . In addition to this , it says ' maturity and fixed the design language of "Metro" used by Windows will be an important threshold of an area of focus , "but admits that" it is not clear what changes are coming, but it is safe to assume that one way of working window on the desktop is part of that ."

In addition to this, however, it seems that Microsoft is still working on the details of what the new Windows will look like. It can be a “make or break liberation" of Microsoft, said the company wants to be to Windows 8, Windows 7 was to Vista.

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