Thursday, March 13, 2014

Microsoft Releases Workplace Join for Windows 7 Test Software

Microsoft has published “Workplace bind “for Microsoft Windows 7 portal. Releases Connect are available via Microsoft Connect type of software testing. It is unclear whether a production version will be available. The version of Windows 7 to join seems to work a bit “under the radar. Their availability is briefly announced Tuesday in this blog post Microsoft.

Workplace join provides an alternative for users to have access to a network and access to corporate resources, instead of following the usual practice of establishing trusted domain to participate in a device form. Microsoft announced in June to join the work as a kind of bring your own device Windows Server 2012 R2 provides for use with Windows 8.1 client. Microsoft later descriptions have suggested support for devices other than Windows, too, including those with Android and iOS, but it is unclear if support for these devices is still available.If Microsoft never mentioned supporting Windows 7 using the workstation to join, has not been well publicized.

Workplace joins in particular, is a feature of Windows Server 2012 R2. Using Windows Azure Active Directory Federation Services Active Directory in most rooms is required. "Use the Device Enrollment Service, which is part of the" Federation Services role in Windows Server 2012 R2” is also required , as described in the TechNet Library . Workplace bind function not works for devices that connect to a corporate network through a reverse proxy server , including the characteristics of Microsoft " web application proxy " Windows server 2012 R2 , according to the ' TechNet article .

Microsoft Surface Belikoff Director Cyril explained last year, the concept of working together.

"Combines the workplace are the components to access a directory service that allows a user to use their ID and password to access your documents on the corporate network and securely share " Belikoff said. " There is a fully domained but you get the directors of the management of mobile devices and obtain access component. "

The edition of Windows 7 that is used in the workplace bind feature makes the difference. “Workplace Login to Windows 7 machines joined to the domain, which means that we support the professional SKU and above all, “Microsoft’s announcement explains. Microsoft understands workplace combine to allow bring your own device scenarios with management enabled by Windows Intune.

"Domain login is what we have had for a long time, the administrator of strict control, group policy, etc. Desktop SSO “said Adam Hall, product manager for solutions to Microsoft hybrid identities in section Posting comments Microsoft.” Workplace income is much lighter, and is about authenticating a device known as Surface RT, iOS or Android. We put a certificate on the device, and the device can fight for this as part of the claims-based authentication for applications or other resources such as data, and no administrator control device, which remains under the control of the end user. When combined with the administration of buy with a solution such as Windows Intune devices, you can implement the policy, execute and enforce “access to resources of machines that would otherwise have no control.”

Microsoft describes the workplace together with Windows 7 machines how to work without " user interface " and linking devices " automatically and quietly " with the view that it is not an Active Directory account for facilities end user.

Microsoft describes some early benefits associated management work to join, even if the system requirements for obtaining those benefits do not seem well defined or may require you to have a subscription to Windows Intune . For example , the function can be improved with multi-factor authentication capabilities and single sign . IT professionals can also get the ability to control .

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