Monday, April 7, 2014

Windows 8 soon to be more like Windows 7

microsoft start menu 

Windows 8 will start behaving a bit ' more like Windows 7, but this does not mean that Microsoft is giving the idea of a tablet operating system to use.

At its developer conference in San Francisco to build on Wednesday, Microsoft announced a trio of new features in Windows 8.1 touch that had an "old school” definitely: First, Windows will get a lot of settings that make it easier to use with a keyboard and mouse. Second, Microsoft announced that Windows 8 style applications "modern" will run in a window on the traditional desktop interface. Thirdly, the Start menu - significantly last of the "old” Windows - is finally back.

However, the settings are under Microsoft ( MSFT , Fortune 500) fleeing his controversial redesign of Windows 8 and a concession that the company has tried to make the transition to traditional PC users to design radically different from Windows 8 too quickly .

And in any case, the decision by Microsoft to serve these users believe it is not a step backwards - is a ploy to reel in.
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Despite the changes, Microsoft is eliminating or reducing the presence of the new Windows 8 design. In fact, these upcoming features actually make the design modern and visible throughout the operating system.
It is a milder form of XP users who push the change ingrained Windows 7, Vista and. And they serve these users may help to revive laggard Microsoft ecosystem of modern applications, which is well below iOS and Android.

One of the most revealing moments, an overview of the most recent ads for Microsoft Windows is that developers can now create a single application that works on all three major platforms from Microsoft - Windows, Windows Phone and Xbox.

This is a big commitment on the part of Microsoft, and everything is built around the new modern style of Windows. This means that Microsoft is committed to his new vision of design for the foreseeable future. In combination with the embrace of their legacy PCs have Microsoft , a strategy begins to take shape in the way that Microsoft compete against Apple (AAPL , Fortune 500) and Google ( GOOAV ) .

Microsoft has the right people in place with their phones and tablets technological pieces - and a lot of users. But all of those users are hitting older versions of Windows and are not taking mobile products at Microsoft.
Allowing developers to create a universal application, and making it accessible and acceptable for users of traditional desktop application could create a perfect storm. Catchment area of Microsoft Windows is helping to flesh out its ecosystem of mobile applications - without having to use mobile products. And with more applications available for smart phones, more and more people will start buying them. Problems solved.

Of course, this result is far from certain, and failure is a very real possibility. But the decision by Microsoft to bridge the gap between the past and the present is neither reactionary nor blindly is meaningless.

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